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Edmonton Junk removal and yard care

At Go Green Junk Removal we are passionate about doing our part for the environment.
Our goal is to our goal is to create a cleaner greener environment.

We remove all items from your home, office, business, construction sites, tenant move outs and more. You name it, we can remove it.

We sort through items collected, quickly and efficiently, making it easily accessible for us to reuse, refurbish, refinish and recycle those items. Our growing network of crafty folks help us make sure this is possible, along with the large amount of items and materials that reach our local communities through donations.

Help us create a cleaner, greener environment while support local communities and families In need, by choosing Go Green Junk Removal. Thank you for your support





Go Green Promise

At go green, our promise is to help create a cleaner, greener environment through each of our Go Green divisions.

Go Green Junk Removal is dedicated to keeping your waste out of our landfills. We do everything we can to donate, repurpose and reuse anything we can. Our network of handy, crafty and thrifty folks who are able to repurpose and reuse old junk is constantly growing and we are always looking for more folks to do so - from repurposing books, to fixing old electronics, appliances and tools, to repurposing bike and equipment parts and furniture - we never stop our search so we can keep junk out of landfills!

At Go Green Total Yard Care our goal is to bring pure organic goodness back into our environment. Using superior organic vermicast aka worm manure for fertilizing  lawns, soils, gardens, trees and shrubs, and more. Worm manure is rich in nutrients superior to chemical fertilizers we see on the market today. High in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with thousands of beneficial microbes, worm castings have the ability to bring our soils back to life without the use of harmful chemicals, while also providing excellent soil retention and aeration, making it extremely beneficial for reducing water usage, helping lawns survive in the driest of conditions.

At Go Green Worm Nursery we use both our healthy supply of red wiggler worms along with their finished product - Vermicast AKA worm poop - to give back to our earth. Keeping potentially tons of food waste out of landfills every year, red wiggler worms have the ability to eat up to half their weight in organic food waste each day. That along with their impressive ability to reproduce quickly, they’re able to turn a lot of potential waste into extremely valuable soil amendment with the ability to bring our soils back to life - Abundant in beneficial microorganisms, high in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, guaranteeing the healthiest soils possible. Enhancing the quality, texture and richness. They also contribute in fighting off certain plant disease and can remove harmful toxins and heavy metals from our soils.

We believe our go green mentality will have a substantial impact on our environment and we promise to do everything in our power to help create a cleaner, greener environment!

Why Choose Us?

On-site recycling processing

We bring all items to our property to sort, recycle and compost.

Employing locals, supporting our community

Go Green Junk Removal’s recycling facility in Edmonton employs and donates locally, supporting our communities.


Go Green Junk We are so passionate about doing the right thing that we became ISO 14001 accredited.


All our processes are set up around this environmental certification to ensure best practice throughout the company. We welcome customers to visit us and observe our team in action.
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