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No one intends for junk to pile up, but it does.

Do you want to get rid of “clutter” spread out in your home or business? If so, you can rely on our local, Eco friendly junk removal services at Go Green Junk Removal.

With years of experience in the junk removal industry, our dedicated team will have your unwanted items hauled away quickly and efficiently, all while doing our part for the planet by keeping waste out of our landfills. For us, there is no job too big or too small. We do it all, regardless the type, size, or volume of junk, we can help.

As specialists in Eco friendly hauling, our team can quickly and safely remove:


•Construction material




•Construction debris

And a host of other items you no longer want or need.

Starting a new remodel or construction project is always demanding. Luckily, Go Green Junk Removal is here to ease the stress. Our expert team of junk removal specialists are here for all your construction junk and debris cleanup and haul off needs. Offering junk removal services to Edmonton and surrounding areas. From flooring and drywall to more massive construction debris, Go Green Junk Removal has the equipment to remove it safely and thoroughly from the property. Commercial or residential - for all your construction cleanup, debris hauling, and junk removal, give Go Green Junk Removal’s environmentally friendly service a call.

Keeping waste out of landfills. Creating a cleaner, greener environment.  

Go Green Products
To make a purchase or for more info, call (780) 289-6357
Organic Compost
15 litre bag - $5
1/4 yard - $25
1/2 yard - $45
1 yard - $70
Diatomaceous Earth
100 gram bag - $5
2 pound bag - $25
10 pound bag - $200
Red Wiggler Worms
1/4lb (200 - 250worms) - $40
1/2lb (400 - 500 worms) - $70
1lb (800 - 1000 worms) - $120
Coconut Coir
8 litre brick - $8
11 litre brick - $11
Worm Castings
15 litre bag - $30
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