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Go Green Total Yard Care experience to keep your yard looking great throughout the season.

As seasons change, it is important to make sure your lawn and landscaping are taken care of. What better time to schedule a little clean up than the spring? Go Green Total Yard Care is here to help you get your lawn looking its best for this season and the next. We can cater our spring clean-up services to your specific needs and ensure you get the personalized grounds care services you actually care about. Our team is here to help you enjoy a season-ready property without ever having to lift a rake or start a lawn mower.

Don’t let the season go by without scheduling a spring and fall cleaning for your lawn and landscape! We make sure you get to enjoy the full beauty of your property this spring, delivering the best services for your unique needs. Our team offers flexible and convenient appointments. Be sure to reach out to us today!

Services include:

  • ​Mowing and Trimming Lawn
  • ​Leaf Clean Up
  • Debris and fallen branch clean up
  • Bagging of waste in paper yard waste bags
  • ​Pest Control and Fertilization applications
  • Tree and Shrub trimming and pruning

Go Green Products
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Organic Compost
15 litre bag - $5
1/4 yard - $25
1/2 yard - $45
1 yard - $70
Diatomaceous Earth
100 gram bag - $5
2 pound bag - $25
10 pound bag - $200
Red Wiggler Worms
1/4lb (200 - 250worms) - $40
1/2lb (400 - 500 worms) - $70
1lb (800 - 1000 worms) - $120
Coconut Coir
8 litre brick - $8
11 litre brick - $11
Worm Castings
15 litre bag - $30
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